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Get everything you need into the gimbal. Choose freely your cameras and sensors and we do the customized integration in shortest delivery times.

Video Tracker

The video tracker will automatically hold the cameras locked on the chosen target in the image. Hence a moving object on the ground will remain locked onto the centre of the video at all times.
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All our products are fully designed and manufactured in Europe and have maximum exportability worldwide, hence non-ITAR.

Geo Features

The Geo-Location feature will output the GPS position of the viewed object centred in the video image. The additional Geo-Tracking option is capable of locking the line-of-sight of the gimbal onto a GPS geographical position on the ground.
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The OTUS gimbals have best available price vs. performance ratio and shortest delivery times worldwide. The stabilization performance in our micro gimbals are world leading.

Digital Stabilization

Digital stabilization with frame correction, removes the high-frequency jitter often found in narrow field-of-view images. This significantly reduces the operator workload and allows it to concentrate on the mission objective.
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The OTUS-L205 gyro stabilised micro gimbal provides outstanding performance in one of the smallest form factors available.

The two axis gimbal reach a new level of stabilisation performance thanks to purpose-built high-bandwidth torque motors implementing active vibration attenuation. All electronics required for the advanced digital control fits within the unit shell. The user only have to connect an external power supply, a video monitor and a joystick, to have the system up and running.

A three dimensional micro-mechanical IMU and a laser range finder mounted directly on the optical bench, allows for advanced features like geo-location and geo-positioning, provided an external heading source is connected to the OTUS-L205.

The powerful digital servo controller of the OTUS-L205 is even capable of providing enough computational power to drive optional features like vehicle control and navigation.

Configure OTUS-L205
Gimbal System Two axis gyro stabilised fully integrated direct drive gimbal
De-stabilisation Down to <100 µrad
Feedback Performance 0.036° ± 0.1° typical encoder resolution/accuracy, 200 Hz update rate
Pan/Tilt Range Infinite range if payload does not require extending snout (sliprings in both axes)
Slew Rate Up to 180 °/sec maximum slew rate
Control Interface 1 x RS485 for user interaction and external heading/position source
Video Interface 1 x composite (PAL or NTSC) and / or 1 x component video (Full HD) or Ethernet
Power Requirements 18 - 36 Vdc, 20 W (typical), 40 W (peak)
Temperature 0 °C to +50 °C operational, -20 °C to 85 °C storage option: -40 °C to +50°C operational
Dimensions 205 mm diameter x 275 mm height
Weight from 2.6 kg (depending on payload)
Options Laser range finders, laser pointers, illuminators, automatic video tracker, geo-location / geo-tracker
Accessories Hand Control Unit, cable kits, heli-mounts, retraction system, video recorder, video converters, etc.
Increased camera house protection level to IP44 -IP44 NOTE: 1
Custom specific colour -CL NOTE: 2
Laser range finder >1.5 km -LR1K5 NOTE: 3
Laser range finder >3.3 km -LR3K3 NOTE: 4
Laser pointer -LP  
Laser illuminator -LI500 NOTE: 5
Laser illuminator -LI2K NOTE: 6
Automatic video tracking -VT  
Geo-location -GL  
Geo-tracking -GT NOTE: 7
Low temperature handling -LT NOTE: 8
NTSC video interface -NT  
Check out the OTUS Accessories pages for Hand Control Unit, cable kits, heli-mounts, retraction system, video recorder, video converters, etc.    
1: Standard protection level: IP40
2: Standard surface coating colour: Satin Gray
3: LRF: Laser Range Finder, >1500 m range (NATO target 2.3 x 2.3 m, reflectivity: 30%), <1 m accuracy, requires an export license from BAFA
4: LRF: Laser Range Finder >3300 m range (reflectivity: 60%, detection probability: 90%, visibility: 10 km), >2500 m range (NATO target 2.3 x 2.3 m, reflectivity: 30%), <1 m accuracy
5: Laser illuminator >500 m range, wavelength 850 nm
6: Laser illuminator >2000 m range, wavelength 850 nm
7: Geo-tracking: requires Geo-location option
8: Low temperature: -40 °C to +50 °C operational

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